When it Comes to their Teenagers Parents in Iowa Should Focus on Reasons not to Smoke

by Margery Villetas on April 24, 2011


When it Comes to their Teenagers, Parents Need to Discuss Dangers of Smoking

Discussing the Smoking Issue with your Teenage Kids: Keep the Conversaton Ongoing

When it comes to their teenagers parents in Iowa should openly discuss the subject of smoking in order to prevent the behavior. Smoking is a problem among teens that frequently begins by the time a child turns 13. Therefore, it’s important that parent discuss the dangers of taking up the habit with their teens in order to avert other problems, such as smoking marijuana or using illicit or prescription drugs. In the state of Iowa, parents can obtain parenting support through educational resource programs and through therapeutic treatment programs for adults and teens.

Quitting Smoking – Show Your Teen Why It’s Not a Good Ideal to Smoke

 Also, if you are a parent who smokes, it’s important that you make every effort to quit the habit. It’s rather hard to enforce the idea of not smoking to you teen when you practice the habit yourself. If you do smoke then, tell your teen son or daughter that it is an extremely hard habit to quit and that you wish you weren’t addicted. Also, try not to smoke indoors or when they are around. Be a good role model. If you do smoke, try to modify your behavior.

Not an Especially Easy Habit to Break

Teenhelp can also be found online and through social agencies that inform teens about the dangers of smoking and provide advice on how to handle peer pressure with respect to the subject. Some teens are under the mistaken impression that they can take up smoking and can quit anytime. Therefore, it’s important to emphasize to them that smoking is one habit that cannot be easily broken once you begin. In addition, the younger a person chooses to begin the habit, the harder it is for him or her to quit.

Smoking Increases the Risk of Getting Hearth Disease by 50%

That’s not good news since smoking raises the risk of succumbing to a heart disease by fifty percent. It’s also responsible for most of the cases of lung cancer as well as respiratory and circulatory illness. Therefore, smoking is simply not a habit that anyone should begin, let alone someone barely in their teens. As stated, you can find Iowa resources online that can help you educate your teen about the harm smoking can impose. Make use of the material and find the proper therapeutic help if your teen currently smokes.


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